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Sometimes, I find myself feeling spread thin across the internet. There are the websites I maintain and the blogs that I publish content to. There are also the unintelligible comments I tend to leave scattered around.

Consider this an attempt to gather all of the pieces. Perhaps it will help to paint a better picture of who I am. My resume is available if you are interested. However, I can guarantee that it will already be out of date by the time you read it. Contact me directly for current information.


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Modify the TinyMCE 4.0 editor in WordPress 3.9+
WordPress 3.9 adds a bunch of new features including an upgrade to the editor: TinyMCE! Unfortunatly, if you modified the buttons/contorls in the edit...
Stupid Simple QR (Wordpress Plugin)
Allow authors to easily print a QR code for each page/post. Download Worpress Plugin repository: Stupid Simple QR Description Adds a 'QR' but...
Placemarks to the People - Feedback
One more thing that I love about presenting at the High Ed Web Dev conference: They collect and share data about your presentation. This type of in...
Blogs @ PCC (2)
The PCC population is overwhelmed by technology. We want to help you navigate technology at PCC. This is why a collaborative venture between the TLC,...
#WRK9: Data-driven Interactives with D3.js
John Williams: Systems Architect, NewCity Yes, you can deliver rich, interactive, highly designed experiences without Flash. NewCity developer Jo...
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Soil blocks
Each year I start seeds in soil blocks for the spring planting. The blocks are fun, easy to make and have many advantages over using trays and pots. H...
Hop Breeding (2014) (3)
This is a continuation of the hop breeding experiments that I first wrote about in 2013. If you are wondering why someone would bother growing hops fr...
Scarlet Fever (Beer) (1)
[caption id="attachment_5508" align="alignright" width="212"] Via Costume Of The Lower Orders[/caption] Let's try something a little wild! This is...
16 Ton Stout 2.0
We need a stout. Rather than another Shakespeare clone, we decide to go way, way back and give the 16-ton another shot. At one point, I was planning t...
Spruce Gueuze (1)
One of my very favorite items ever brewed was the Spruce Tip ale that accidentally went sour. We're going to try and recreate it, but also go a step f...
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