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Sometimes, I find myself feeling spread thin across the internet. There are the websites I maintain and the blogs that I publish content to. There are also the unintelligible comments I tend to leave scattered around.

Consider this an attempt to gather all of the pieces. Perhaps it will help to paint a better picture of who I am. My resume is available if you are interested. However, I can guarantee that it will already be out of date by the time you read it. Contact me directly for current information.


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Webvisions: The Future of Augmented Reality
Speaker: Lynne d Johnson Augmented reality (AR) has slowly proven its merit on smartphones, with apps enabling people to layer information and gr...
Webvisions: Down with Directories
Speaker: Mara Zepeda Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp: these social media platforms and many others put a user's persona at the center of, or on equal fo...
Webvisions: The MARS ProjectTeaching Afro-Futurism as Methodology of Liberation
Speaker: D. Denenge Akpem What is Afro-Futurism? It’s a creative theory, rooted in history and African cosmologies. Afro-Futurism uses pieces o...
WebVisions: Don't get Bootslapped. How to Avoid Common Pitfalls with CSS Frameworks
Speaker: Ronnie Duke In the good ‘ol days, as a front end developer, we were handed a design and we would build our CSS layout and structure fr...
Webvisions: Pseudo-Element Master Class
Speaker: Jason Lengstorf A challenge that faces modern front-end designers often is the balancing act between semantic code and code that does al...
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Fresh Black Frost
Another version of the award-winning Black Frost. This time, with a fresh hop twist! The hops are in my yard and will be thrown in the boil minutes af...
Hop Breeding, 2014 Results
You may want to start by reading: Growing hops from seed, Hop Breeding (2014) The seedling grew rapidly in their first year. 18 plants produced sig...
Are your hops ready to pick? Take a closer look
Unlike tomatoes, peppers and other crops, it can be really difficult to tell if they are ready to pick. Commercial growers often target a percenta...
Jasmine mead
Recipe Specifics Style: 26A Metheglin (spiced mead) Batch Size (Gal): 6.00 (for 5 bottled) Anticipated OG: 1.050 Anticipated ABV: 5.5% Ant...
Oatmeal, Buckwheat Stout (2)
Running low on stout ... again. This recipe is based on the 16-ton stout, but scaled back for simplicity. There will only be 3 grain sources: barely,...
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