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Sometimes, I find myself feeling spread thin across the internet. There are the websites I maintain and the blogs that I publish content to. There are also the unintelligible comments I tend to leave scattered around.

Consider this an attempt to gather all of the pieces. Perhaps it will help to paint a better picture of who I am. My resume is available if you are interested. However, I can guarantee that it will already be out of date by the time you read it. Contact me directly for current information.


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WPscan false positives
WPscan is a popular command line tool for scanning WordPress installations to find vulnerabilities. It is a frontline tool used to find access points...
Webinar: 50 Shades of Gray. Is it accessible or not?
Where: online When: Wednesday, January 28, 2015 at 1pm CDT Google “degrees of disability.” Go ahead; google it. I’ll wait. 112 millio...
WordPress and Beer - Feedback
Just received the audience feedback from my 2014 HighEdWeb presentation and wanted to share. Thanks again to everyone who attended! Evaluation Summar...
Better Living Through Automation: Defeating Time Sucks and Doing Better Work
Presenters Jesse Lavery - Allegheny College Location: Skyline II As a small office (or office of one) tasked with managing your institution’...
Moving to the Client - Writing Full Applications in JavaScript
Presenters Chad Killingsworth - Missouri State University Location: Pavilion Ballroom East JavaScript has moved from providing minor interacti...
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Hop Breeding, 2017
You may want to start by reading: Growing hops from seed, Hop Breeding, Hop Results 2014... We started by germinating over 500 crosses. In...
Hop Breeding, 2016 Results (4)
You may want to start by reading: Growing hops from seed, Hop Breeding, Hop Results 2014 We are starting to catalog the experimental hops g...
Hop Breeding (2016)
You may want to start by reading: Growing hops from seed, Hop Breeding (2014), Breeding results 2014, Hop Breeding (2015) Overview The three hop yar...
Around Mt Adams
I found myself back on Mt Adams this past week. This time, rather than climbing, we were making our way around the mountain. On the west side of th...
Mt Adams (1)
This weekend we climbed Mt Adams. The weather was perfect and the views were spectacular. It was a bit busy, but on a mountain this big, things never...
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