The Science Museum

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Missed breakfast.

Last night, after podcasting, were a series of poster presentations and special interest group meetings. Again, I had a good chance to speak with the conference organizers.

As the SIGs wore down, the buses had arrived to take us to the planned outing. The HighEdWebDev people had booked the local science museum for the night. It is like OMSI, only about 5 time bigger. There were catered food stations and free, open bars located throughout the exhibits on all five floors. The even booked the planetarium. In the darkened dome, the guide tried, yet failed to stump the drunken nerds on the names of the autumn star patterns.

After several hours, we arrived back at the hotel. I was all ready to go to bed, but when I stepped on the elevator it was full of people and beer headed up to the 25th floor. The organizers, reserved the presidential suite during the duration of the conference and everyone was headed that way…

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