Conference Update

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

Out my window

Out my window

So far, the conference has been great. The day started with a quick registration, some food and then the pre-work shops. I was signed up for the “Paper Prototyping” hosted by the Penn State team (the other PSU). They were informative and had great advice to offer. After a quick run thought of the basics, groups were formed and hands on application began. This will be an invaluble way to gather data if/when we update the schedule interface. The speakers even stayed around to speak with me after the session was over. Penn State has a standers committee that posts policies online @

Next, were the orientation and welcoming sessions, where many of the organizers were introduced. Then there was the hosted dinner with an open bar (good touch) and latter a movie with a second open bar (even better touch). Throughout the day I had the chance to meet, socialize and network with the organizers and other attendies. Networking seems to be a major component of conference. Already, I have met web professionals from Evergreen to Iowa State.

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