APS11: Are you buzzword compliant?

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Changing Web 2.0 from Passing fad to Development Methodology
Kyle Bowen, Manager of Information, Purdue University

Looking at buzzwords of yesterday: Webmaster, Information Communication Highway

“The buzzwords of today are the litmus test for tomorrow.” But, are there any lessons that we can learn.

  1. Create many small releases: under promise and over deliver.
  2. Web applications should be simple: If it requires training, then it is too complicated!
  3. Reduce overhead: There are other people who can use a keyboard. (they created a form generator – the user designs and tries, but does not launch)
  4. Use interactivity to do work: No need for rich apps when middle-class ones will do. (edit in place, auto complete/suggest, one click adds, modal windows, drag and drop)
  5. Video’s compelling: It’s almost like being there.
  6. Brand your applications: There are already too many acronyms. (personalizes services)
  7. Be a service provider: Purveyors of cool. Make sure you charge everyone! Otherwise they will not respect you.

Who has people at their college that should not be making webpages (secretaries, manages, ect…). For them Purdue has created a “commons area” where they can have a space off of the main site. Best one’s are featured.

This guy is a great presenter. Hilarious, on topic and engaging!

The Oregon judges give him a perfect 10.

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