SAC9: Second Life, First Opportunities

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Martha Gabriel, University of Brazil

Unfortunately, Martha is currently stuck in Brazil and could be here in person. Fortunately, the staff here was very creative. They networked up an audio connection and she is currently giving her presentation inside of second life.  How appropriate!

For a little while, our avatar (whose point of view is what is being projected onto the screen) starts freaking out a bit, flying around. Soon they get it under control and everything runs smoothly.    

After a basic overview of the second life environ, she starts in to the interesting parts of integrating with education:

  • You can buy an island for your institution. Each island has limited land and is tied to a set of “real world” hardware. As land starts to get crowded, prices start to become inflated. Entire island continents currently cost thousands of dollars.
  • She her entire university set up in second life.
  • Linden dollars is currently $207 to the US dollar. People can make things and then exchange the money for real currency. Many make a real profit this way.
  • There is money laundering, just like in a real country.
  • I could get linden dollars with US money and then give it to her. She could then exchange it for Brazil currency. This is causing must frustration for many countries. The US is trying to pass a law, making you declare you Linden dollars in your taxes!
  • Playboy has its own island…
  • Several  University (Princeton, Ohio State, Harvard,…) exist in second life. 

Avatar based systems are not new. However, it is the first to have a complete monetary economy. This, along with the freedom to build your own world/items, makes it very unique and popular.

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