TPR5: Adding Google Maps to Your College Website

Monday, October 15th, 2007

Paul Dempsey, Dickinson College

He asks the crowd, “Who has good maps/directions to your campus”. No one in the audience raises a hand…

Google maps was launched in Feb. 2005. API released in June 2005. The “terms of use” mean that the service is available to both non-profit and commercial sites. However, they do reserve the right to place ads on your maps at a later time. But, is it really likely that they will do this… Especially to educational institutions? I really hope not.

He goes over the basics of creating your first map.

Then the cool features:

  • map overlays
  • event listeners
  • info windows
  • events and windows


  • creating icons (this is very cool, you should check out his slides)
  • polylines
  • javascript extras (you can set up your own functions)

Overlay of building footprints – Tphoto. This is something that I have been looking for. Unfortunately, it look like it is not being actively supported.

Oh, and by the way, Portland just got added to street views. Here is my house. Too bad the tree is in the way.

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