UAD13: (best of) Graphics Optimization for the Web

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Derek Tonn, mapformation, LLC

I skipped this one before, but several people have been raving about it. The session is supposed to go beyond “save for web”.

  • Clip art kills! The extra bandwidth wastes electricity for unnecessary graphics.
  • 8-bit png is better for logos the gif… It compresses better and smaller. Interesting.


  • remove exif
  • remove excess colors
  • Apply unique zonal compression!

He also talks about gif and pdf techniques.


  • All the great tools are listed on handouts

For an example, he takes the logo on the HighEdWebDev site from over 100K to under 9K. All without decreasing the quality!

I need to remember to run all of our images through this process.

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  1. Monica Marlo Says:

    Graphics optimization, MMMMMMMM! YEs! :) This looks like required reading for anyone that posts images to the web, imho. Necessary knowledge for bit thrift!

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