Well, at least I made it to Rochester…

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

The flight from Chicago to Rochester was pretty uneventfully. I have had a sore throat for nearly a week and about an hour in I had a coughing fit, but luckily there was no one seated right next to me.

However, on arrival my luggage was nowhere to be found… I almost never check baggage, but with all of the handouts and supplies, it seemed a necessity this time. Now my suitcase is off gallivanting around the world. If anyone spots a mid-size rolling suitcase basking on the beach in Hawaii, please give me a call.

I filled out a report, but it’s midday Sunday and I still don’t know where the bag is. They gave me a number to call “if I had any questions”. When I tried it, a lovely voiceXML system ran me in loops. I tried all the tricks (not answering, pressing random buttons), but I could not get a real operator on the line.

Luckily, I packed the laptop and charger in me carry-on at the last minute. But, my handouts were in the case and I only have the clothes on my back.

This morning I went out to scout the local area. I thought that I cleaned up fairly nicely, even sans razor and comb, but I must have been mistaken. A really nice homeless man informed me that the salvation army had free coffee this morning and that I should join him for breakfast.

I did not find any clothing shops in the local area, just recruiting stations and adult book stores. Back at the hotel, I did pick up a brush and some other items. At noon the conference holds lunch for all of the presenters. Afterwards, I will continue my search for a clean shirt.

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  1. Peter Says:

    Ah, there’s nothing so refreshing as being mistaken for a homeless man! Sometime I will tell you my story of how a PCC public safety officer mistook me for a homeless man – the highlight of my professional life, for sure!


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