The return of the sign

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

signWhile hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2005, we came across a strange road sign. It was posted on a gate which was blocking the entrance to a small back road. The sign read:


Today, I ended up the California Department of Transportation website. On the California (CA) Coded Sign Specifications page the sign is listed exactly as I remember.

I still have no idea what it means… Anyone have a guess?

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  1. DaveX Says:

    I think it means that the sign is state property and is not to be stolen or vandalized. Furthermore, any other things (referred to as “the same”) are not to be stolen or vandalized either. Anyone doing so to any of these objects belonging to the state will be prosecuted.

  2. gabrielm Says:

    So they placed a sign telling you not to vandalize the sign?

    I always figured that “State Property” referred to the gate or road behind the gate. It’s the “same” that I find confusing. Originally, I thought that it was simply a typo, that’s why I was surprised to find that the sign specification still lists it.

  3. raging red Says:

    No, I think the sign is indicating that the gate is state property and that removing or otherwise damaging the gate is illegal.

  4. mike j Says:

    dont hump the damn sign!

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