Final Fantasy 2

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

To quote the disgruntled Mr Fish:

“They said it could not be done, but 3 bottles of gin and 15 packs of marlbros later i overcame the dark side!! Will miss the game and all the coaching. Thanks to 2 iPhones and 3 grown adults, we beat an 18 year old game!!! Damn I had a great time, next step FF2!!!!”


the end

And there you have it.

In his final hours as an Oregonian, Mr. Fish stayed indoors, mere inches from the enemies that taunted him from the other side of the TV screen. But, in the end he was victorious. He vanquished “Chaos” and basked in the light of the end game screen. Truly, one of the last American heroes!

openYet, the quest is not over

I heard a whisper that Square Soft may have created a sequel….

So, Sam and I are now diving head first into FF2 for the SNES.

Like many of the games developed during the 90’s, there were versions created in Japan that were never released in the USA.Therefore, FF2 for the SNES is actually FF4 when you realize that there was also a FF2 and FF3 released on the NES.

It gets a bit confusing, but we have decided to stick with a geographically referential numbering system. Plus, I am not fluent in Kanji, which might make the alternative games a bit more challenging.

For all the torrid details of the FF numbering system, I recommend watching the Final Fantasy retrospective on YouTube.

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  1. fish Says:

    To finish all 12+ FF games I would need 5 trips to Betty Ford, 3 lung transplants, and a complete ass replacement!!!! Good luck on your quest, and dont kill your coach! LOL

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