Hot day, Cold waters

Sunday, May 18th, 2008

This weekend was beautiful.

The temperatures in the valley peaked Saturday close to 100. This is considered surprisingly hot for the Portland area. It is even more surprising when you consider that less then a moth ago it was still threatening to snow.

The long winter and quick warm up has caused the rivers to swell due to the rapidly melting snow in the cascades.


On Friday, I took the motorcycle out and road along the Clackamas river. At Barton, I stopped to watch several groups launch rubber rafts into the river. Floating the Clackamas is a fun during the summer. Yet, with waters at 40 degrees and levels nearing flood stage – I just hope that everyone knows what they are getting into. The waters are fairly calm near the launch point, but can get very rough in the miles that follow.


On Saturday, Samantha and I decided to do some swimming. Rather then settle for the brown Calcakamas, we headed to a spot I knew about on the Washougal River in Washington. This particular spot has a deep pool and an overhanging cliff allowing for a 25-30ft plunge into the cold blue waters. To get there, take a right at Dougan falls and continue a few more miles on the dirt road. It is approximately here

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