Memaloose Lake Trail

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

Getting there

We wanted to go to Pansy Lake fire tower – road was blocked. So we turned around.

Milepost 33/34 – bridge – lots of gravel, past 4-5 active rock quarry shooting galleries -There may be a car or two at the trail head, but there will also be spot to park just past the trail head.

The trail

Trail meanders at a steady incline through open forests covered in clover. It switches back, crossing the stream twice before finally reaching the lake.

There was a family camping right at the trail intersection.

To continue to the peak – jump the stream to your left and look for the trial sign. This trail is much less used and has become several intertwined paths, making it a little harder to follow. We had to cross small patches of snow. The paths recombine at the ridge crest and a short walk to the west delivers you to the peak.

There are old footings of a fire-tower and views of Hood to the north. Make sure to explore the south side where the trees thin giving views of Jefferson, 3-fingered jack and the 3 Sisters. This side was covered with blooming rhododendrons.

There is a jeep road that reaches to the top, but it was covered with snow.

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