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Monday, October 6th, 2008

UsaeKevin Bischof | Web Producer, Xavier University
Kat Hollowell | Web Designer, Xavier University

Web team is located in the “information resources” department. They find that this is working really well. hey now have 9 employees and 3 student interns.

They designate A, B and C level projects. Currently have dozens of prpjects (I didn’t get the exact number of each level)

Kevin recommends a load balancer (uses a great slide of an overloaded ship).

They are also a coldfusion shop

Recommend an analytics package.

165 active content manages (Campus sweet  CMS)

  • Send out monthly news letters to these people.
  • The even set up an event (58 attendees)
  • gave out “webmaster” awards to those who took a class.

Used to take call to get projects started. Now they have request forms.

Published a web style guide. Typography, color, ect…

They are very proud of their 404 page:

  • tell user why
  • give some nav
  • give a search option
  • but… keep it simple
  • He shows a lot of examples

The 404 page they created  has a button for the user to roport the broken page. This is a little confusing to me. Why not use serverlogs to automagically track the broken links? Or, give the user a chance to explain what they were looking for.

Someone in the crowd suggect an auomatic link checker. Each night it spiders the sites and then sends email to the content managers! Nice!

Also can send email if a site hasn’t been updated in 6months.

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