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Sunday, October 5th, 2008

It took forever, but we got into Springfield around 11:30am.

Luis, Karen, Randall and Jake all had workshops starting at 1pm – so Traci and I dropped them at the hotel and we took the minivan back to Avis at the airport.

The plan was to take the shuttle back that was being provided by the conference. Unfortunately, there was no sign of the shuttle. After an hour, I had met some other attendees, but there was no ride to be found. We called the hotel, but they offered little help.

During the next hour, we made several calls talked to all of the other shuttles that passed by. Surprise, surprise, the shuttle had been circling, but was labeled “limousine service”. It turns out that there were signs at the airport and on the shuttles during the Saturday rush, but they had not been put back up on Sunday. Doh.

When I finally got the the University, I let the commitee know and they quickly sent someone out to reslove the issue.

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