Limon, CO – waiting for a tow

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

So the flight was canceled after hours of delays…

No more flights out of Denver.

Next possible flight option wouldn’t get to Springfield till late Sunday evening. Who knew that the Denver airport shuts down at 6pm on a Saturday?

We decided that it would be better to drive. At 12+ hours it might be grueling. But really, it is the only option at this point.

Hours later, with 3 new friends: Randall, Jake and Traci (two of whom are are attending the conference) – we had rented a van and were on the road.

Even with GPS, we initially took some wrong turns (through tolls), but quickly got back on coarse.


An hour outside of Denver, the check engine light started blinking and the the engine started stuttering.

Now were stuck at a Denny’s waiting for a tow.

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