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Monday, May 4th, 2009

The Project

As part of the web team, I create and update dozens of pages every week. However, our newest launch, the updated PCC Foundation site, is something special.  Marketing had designated the foundation a co-brand. Meaning that it needs to maintain a strong relationship to, but is not a subsection of the college. This makes a lot of  sense organizationally and allowed us to do some cool stuff when designing the website.

This project was also special, due to the very short time line – as contact was initiated only 6 weeks prior to the needed launch. To streamline everything, we created a series of documents that noted the simultaneous content, architecture and design paths. Due dates and sign off points were highlighted (and stressed). With lots of hard work and clear communication via our liaison in the foundation, the project came together well and went live last Thursday, during a brand launch reception.


Some Initial Feedback

There are still a few thing that we need to complete, but godd feedback is already coming in:

“Just got my first look at our new Web site — it is wonderful, beautiful, fabulous, not to mention easy-to-use, attractive, and supportive of our mission. Thank you, Web Team, for all your work, and thank you for completing the Web site in such a short time. You have created a site that will help us raise scholarship and program funds that will support students and the work of PCC faculty and staff. On their behalf, thank you, thank you!!”

“hey guys, site looks AMAZING and i’m already getting comments about it!”

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