Grape Trellis (Recycled Lumber)

Monday, July 26th, 2010

This weekend, I constructed a trellis for some new grapes in the garden.  It is locked onto the garden beds and seems to be fairly secure. The top cross bars are scraps of new wood, but the posts are twice-recycled. All the details are listed below:

This wood started as a pallet. Then, we notched it and used the 4×4’s for a garden bed. After several years filled with soil, many of the pieces are still in decent shape.

Each piece was cut to 5′ and given a light sanding.
Here are the scraps, ready for the fire.
A template was then made to mark each of the ends.
The first cutThese cuts were made with a portable band saw. I tried several other methods, including both miter and hand saws – but this seemed the way to go.
Several cuts were made and then the gap was chiseled out. The chisel leaves a rough edge, but who cares? There is going to be a 2×4 stacked on top.
I also had to notch out where the post met the lip of the garden bed. Here you can see how close the cuts are.
And here we remove the wood. A sharp edge is your friend.
This one cleaned up nice.
The first two posts are set. Time for the middle one.
With everything strung up. Note that the bamboo and wire are not really attached – they are just to support our cukes and climbing beans.

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  1. Lynda Cosgrove Says:

    Nice planter!

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