Video Killed the Radio Star, but It Could Help You Meet Your Goals

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Aaron Street
Director of Communications, Southern Arkansas University

Tonya Oaks Smith
DIrector of communications at the UALR William H.

Oh, no tech issues… wait, wait good now.

We know that video is an attention getter.

  • involve internal audiences
  • recruit students
  • engage alumni
  • involve parents
  • promote events
  • entice donors
  • b-roll database.  (you know, for the media) – this is really something we need to do. The local news always shows old footage.

The loud audio in here is killing me.  Bad choice to attend with a hangover…

In house or out source

Many reasons for each… Why chose one option.


That’s what we need for PCC – video of our cheerleaders!

“I don’t care about copyrighted music. I just use it” – um… OK?

Showing some cool time-lapse footage of the campus.

“If you don’t have good audio options, use your band”

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