Home Improvement (Part the 1)

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

As a good friend recently told me: “Nothing like a deadline to get projects started” So with a baby on the way, we have decided to start tearing apart the house.

First up? A vent fan for the bathroom

Our downstairs bathroom (the only one with the shower), gets rather steamy.

Lucky for us, there was a handy, unused soffit directly above the commode. Opening up the plaster and lathe revealed plenty of room for a fan and the associated piping.

The electrical was a bit of a hassle,but we eventually managed to run the romex up from the basement.

My father, who helped out with the entire project – really showed his magic with the drywall. Not only did he donate that scrap piece of green board, but he also had it framed and installed while I was still tinkering with the electrical in the basement.

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