A very special quilt

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

My mother is a woman of many talents. This weekend, we received a very special quilt that she has been working on for our unborn daughter.

It is based on the classic Sunbonnet Sue pattern – where each square depicts a playful girl with a big bonnet. However, in this quilt, our Sue working on some very special projects. Check out the detail in each of the squares below.

There is also an embroidered quote on the backside of the quilt that I still need to get a photo of.

3 Responses to “A very special quilt”

  1. Trooper Says:

    A much more modern version of our 30 year heirloom Sunbonnet Sou quilt. (Shameless plug! :)

    Simply Awesome. I honestly can’t decide which one I like the best.

  2. Cynthia in Denver Says:

    WONDERFUL! TRULY WONDERFUL! Your mother has crossed the feminine art of quilting with scenes which depict her granddaughter is capable of doing anything she puts her mind to.

  3. nagmay Says:

    “feminine art of quilting”???
    I don’t think so…

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