HEWEB11 – Keynote: Chris Wilson

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Chris Wilson

Open Web guy, formerly of Microsoft and now working as a developer advocate at Google, Inc.
Better Education through the Web
Chris Wilson, Open Web Guy, formerly of Microsoft and now working as a Developer Advocate at Google, Inc.

He started in 1993, helping to build Mosaic. Then went on to work in IE. Now, at Google.

Passion is motivation. In particular, this applies to learning.

Learning is an end in itself. It always leads to something. Google understands this.

Lessons from the early web
– Everyone’s an author
– People are as interested (overall) in the less popular items – the long tail.
– Most things come down to people.
– Never bet against moores law.
– If you fail to be amazed, you’re not paying attention.
– Create little bits of magic in whatever little piece of this world you own.

Social – find more people with rare interests.

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