HEWEB11 – Tying it all Together: Part Deux (SOC6

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Tying it all Together: Part Deux (SOC6)
Texas Ballroom, IV – VII
Two years ago, Kevin Prentiss won “best in track” for a future looking presentation about how colleges could build an online student union by aggregating student social media content. This session, like good reality television, will check in on…
Kevin Prentiss (Red Rover)

Doooooooooom! Or, perhaps not.

Circle of friends are more important then the dj. “uhhhh, have you met uhhhh?” that’s the move you need.

60% of college students don’t engage. That’s 84% for 2 years.

Using Facebook to broadcast news is using a web 2.0 tool in a 1.0 way.

A system to introduce to learn, to grow, to build community.

– Students love people like you (directory)
– They are happy to connect social media
– Students love “tag shopping”
– Insight is very powerful
– Tagged communication increase open rates.

– Group recommendations seemed like a good idea, but was way too much.

Simple , cheap, effective
Add tags! Let admins sort.

Actor – verb – object
Person – joins – group.
Add point for actions – blog points 10, twitter 3, liking 2) 100points level 5. Gives you an overall feel for your entire population. Display this. People come out of their shell if they have an audience.

Students will do anything you ask the term Before they start – while they are still excited.

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