Shakespeare Stout (Clone)

Monday, October 17th, 2011

The classic stout recipe. We have brewed this several times from the outstanding CYBI recipe– often making small moderations. This time, we stuck the recipe – even going so far as to modify our water with salt and chalk additions. It was a double batch (12 gallons total).


The hops were all from my yard.

BJCP Style:

13E American Stout


  • OG: 1.060
  • FG: 1.017
  • ABV: 5.9%
  • IBU: 74
  • Color: 44SRM (BLACK!!!)
  • Brew House Efficiency: 80%

Chalk for water

Batch size:

6 gal (for 5gal bottled)


  • 8.5lb 2-row
  • 1.3lb Caramel 120
  • 1.3lb Chocolate
  • 1.25lb Oats (Flaked)
  • 0.19lb Barley Roast (500L)

Murky water

Water additions:

To match Dublin water water profile (starting with Portland water)
Add per 5 gallon of water pre-boil: (10 gal pre-boil are needed)

  • 1g baking soda
  • 4.5g chalk
  • 1.5 gypsum>


  • Single infusion 148 (strike with 4.75gal at 169 if grain is 63)
  • Mash 1 hour
  • Batch/Fly Sparge
  • Collect 7 gallons pre-boil

Lots of Cascade

Boil Time:

  • 90 min


  • Cascade: 3.2oz at 60min (for 70 IBU)
  • Cascade: 1.25oz at 0min


  • Rouge Pac Man Yeast
  • Ferment 2+ weeks at 60+


Brew Log:

This was the first 12 gallon batch made this day. We hit the OG perfectly even though the mash was a bit high (150).


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  3. nagmay Says:

    Update: 2011-11-30

    This is the current beer on tap and the first keg is going fast. The water additions made a huge difference. The beer is noticeably maltier, hoppier and has better mouth feel. I think that we will need a side-by-side comparison with the commercial version.

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