WV12: The device is more then a display

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Responsive Web Design is Only the Beginning

Speakers: Gino Zahnd, John Bragg

Active notes:

Pair up and grab a partner. Draw your partner in 30 seconds… Ouch.

– what we mean by device class
– how to use this in your everyday work

Device capabilities – set of hardware/software factors that have the capability to change how a product acts and responds.

Start with the person using the product.

Case study: Asics
– Choose actual, measurable goals.
– Build quick then test. Build before you know what it is for.
– It can make sense to start with mobile
– brainstorm a shitload of ideas

– define users
– define problems
– define context
– brainstorm solutions

Developer Nouns
– assign device capabilities
– define product
– create pitch

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