#MCS1: No Such Thing As TMI: How to Create a Culture of Sharing

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Donna Talarico

102 A & B, Frontier Airlines Center

Sharing is nice. We’ve known that since kindergarten, right? Yet why are so many things still siloed in higher ed? Generating fresh content and sharing accurate, up-to-date information is pivotal to a college website’s success, and sharing said content through social media and other marketing channels is equally important. In this session, Donna will show you how to share content and coordinate story ideas and information across campus—and give tips on motivating others to get in the habit of sharing. Also, she will show you examples of how she and her colleagues at Elizabethtown College use features from within their CMS to create and manage sharable content—from a single figure like tuition to page content and forms—which makes everyone’s lives easier.


  • Avoid duplication of efforts.
  • Avoiding missed opportunities

Who is your Linda? Warm smiling face.

Once you find people, how else can you feature them?

Let people know why they should share with you.

“There are so many fun little puns you can use when you’re a bird school” – yeah, a bit harder for us “panthers”.

Start new students with the hashtag for their graduating class #PCC2014?

Check out storify.

Storifying, or retweeting is like giving people a shout out on the radio. People love that.

Lead by example:

  • Share on personal account
  • Find allies
  • Reciprocate
  • Student ambassadors


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