Thursday, July 18th, 2013

We started keeping bees this year.

So far, it has been fun and rewarding. The hive is doing well and our garden is fully pollinated. I didn’t expect to harvest honey this year, but the girls were packing it in so well that we decided to steal two frames.


Since we don’t have an extractor, we decided to go “foundation-less”. The natural comb is simply cut from the frames.


We kept some of the comb whole. The rest was mashed (by my little helper).


Next, the honey/wax mixture was placed in a colander to filter overnight. The next day, we bottled 8 jars of raw honey.


The leftover wax was placed in the oven at a low heat. After it melted, we were surprised to fill on more jar just from the honey that had separated.

Not bad for just 2 frames!

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    […] started keeping bees in 2013. Since we don’t have an extractor, the comb is crushed and the honey is strained from the […]

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