TPR9: WordPress Themes 102

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Curtiss Grymala: University Webmaster, University of Mary Washington

During this session, Curtiss Grymala will run through some of the handiest tips and tricks for developing your own WordPress theme. Grymala will run through a series of functions and features you can use when developing your theme. This session assumes some basic knowledge of PHP and the WordPress theme API.


Can’t miss a talk by Curtiss.

Over 10,000 blogs! on 51 multi-sites on 1 multi-network!

“DO NOT USE THIS!” – oh, crap … I totally use that.

^ OK, never mind. I am using query_posts and WP_Query correctly.

Function to note:


Outputs 1, 2, 3 …

 wp_script_is(), wp_style_is()

Check to see if stuff has been registered or enqueued

get_template_part( slug, foo)

Look in child, then parent, then drop foo and keep looking.


Awesome! More then just Full, large, medium, thumb!


Treat this page as x instead of y.

Thesis Theme?

Avoid at all costs! Try Genesis

MU Plugins folder

All PHP is




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