Spruce Gueuze

Saturday, November 9th, 2013

One of my very favorite items ever brewed was the Spruce Tip ale that accidentally went sour. We’re going to try and recreate it, but also go a step further: by replacing 30% of the barley with wheat, we’ll have a better foundation for a lambic. If we then save it to mix with future batches, it can technically be called a Gueuze – a Spruce Gueuze. Yes, all this work just for a silly pun.

300px-H-4_Hercules_2Recipe Specifics

  • Style: 17-E Gueuze
  • Batch Size (Gal): 12.00 (for 10 bottled)
  • Anticipated OG: 1.054
  • Anticipated ABV: 5%
  • Anticipated SRM: 5 (very light)
  • Anticipated IBU: 12 Rager (10 Tinseth)
  • Brewhouse Efficiency: 70%
  • Wort Boil Time: 60+ Minutes


  • 17 lb – 2-row
  • 8 lb – White wheat
  • 2 lb – Oats (flaked)


  • 1.75 oz. Mt. Hood 5% @ 45 min (or, maybe a bunch of TeaMaker instead)
  • 20oz spruce @ 30
  • 20oz spruce @ 20
  • 20oz spruce @ 10


Just use regular, clear PDX water for this one.

  • 20 minutes of 130°F protein rest (strike 143)
  • Mash at 153 °F
  • 60+ min boil


  • Wyeast London ESB
  • 1 week @ 60F
  • 1 week up to 70F
  • After secondary, I plan to add lacto for a controlled souring


Enter here

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Brew Day Notes

The last of the three brew for the day. Most everything went quite well. It did take more watter additions than expected to raise the mash temp from 130-150. This means that it was a smooth transition, rather than a step mash.

In the carboys, wort is incredibly cloudy – almost opaque. It would be concerning, except for that fact that I remember this happening last time. I have confidence that it will eventually clear.

After primary, half the batch went straight to the keg and is being served up now. It is a really nice wheat beer, with a distinct sweet/citrus flavor from all the spruce.

The other half went into a carboy for long-term storage. A small amount of whey from a fresh container of Nancy’s Yogurt was added.

Update: 2014-02-06

So far, there really hasn’t been much action from the Nancy’s. I suspect this has to do with the small addition and the fact that it is being stored near 60F. In time, it would probably work out – but ain’t nobody got time for that!

I created a culture with new whey for the Kriek and decided to add about a cup to get things going.


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