Webvisions: How to Make Awesome Sauce! Putting the Messaging in the Experience

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Josh Northcott

We spend much needed time and effort in designing and building the optimum experience for our users and visitors. We do usability testing to make sure the user understands the navigation and interactions related to the design. But, why aren’t we asking them or testing if the content makes sense to them in the design? The messaging is often not there or it’s ineffective, and we don’t even realize it.

We can easily overlook this major piece of the user experience and give the user a very useable site or application but the content stinks. In this session, we will take a look at why the messaging and the design go hand in hand to provide not only a good user experience but an effective one. We will go through a few examples in my own experiences with this topic and take a step forward empowering visual designers, UX designers and developers to better connect the messaging with the design from the initial design concepts.


  • There is a real powerful tool that we all poses: Our message
  • You have to provide something powerful
  • 90% of info submitted to the brain is visual
  • Images process 60,000x faster than text (think graph vs. table)
  • The big question is: how?
  • “Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way to best accomplish a particular purpose” – Charles Eames
  • It’s about people
  • Storytelling is how you can make people fell something.
  • Don’t assume that positive usability testing means a good user experience.




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