Better Living Through Automation: Defeating Time Sucks and Doing Better Work

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014


  • Jesse Lavery – Allegheny College

Location: Skyline II

As a small office (or office of one) tasked with managing your institution’s website, social media accounts, and teams of co-workers and work study students, there’s a LOT to keep track of and not enough time in the day to deal with it. What if we could automate the most tedious of our daily tasks using free tools? From task management and delegation, to collecting form submissions, to dealing with email and social media mentions — and much more — we can eliminate time sucks and focus on doing better work. This session is equal parts workflows/examples and prompting you to think creatively about how to tie together common apps and tasks into a powerful super-system. Kind of like Voltron for web apps.


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  • Time suck – inefficient use of time doing something else.
  • Rethink you daily routine (what is it you really do around here?)
  • Goals?
  • Go home on time.
  • Project management?


  • Cloudwork
  • Zapier


  • How work requests come in.
    • Have them go into the project management system

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