AIM6: Taking Content Beyond Mobile

Monday, October 9th, 2017

Presented by Travis Totz

Most institutions, companies, and startups are constantly wrestling with how to deliver content to their constituents and users on many different experiences. Adopting a content strategy that focuses on varied intake of your content will enable a myriad of benefits that go far beyond delivering the right content to the right device, at the right time — including social media engagement increases, multimedia enrichment, interactivity, and simplicity of message and content overall. We’ll cover a variety of things that will help to take your content beyond mobile: * Getting your content off desktop experiences * Understanding digital signage * Creating personalized emails using dynamic content * Utilizing the JSON API for unique approaches to the distribution of content


  • Works at modern tribe
  • Tools are changing faster than companies can react
    • search by voice/ gesture
  • Think about
    • Be Agile
    • Adopt a new content strategy
  • Using wordpress as a hub to distribute to:
    • news site
    • digital signage
    • kiosks
    • mobile apps
  • Uses WP REST API (and other CMS apis)
    • core to distributing content
  • Personalizing experiences
  • Predictive marketing
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  • Geo-specific, location specific content.

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