Back from the Pacific Crest Trail

Thursday, October 20th, 2005

Snow on the PCTOn April 17, 2005 my partner and I set out from the Mexican border for a six-month backpacking expedition to reach Canada by way of the Pacific Crest Trail.

The PCT travels over 2650 miles through California, Oregon and Washington. It traverses a wide variety of landscapes ranging from the waterless deserts of southern California to glacier-capped peaks of the Pacific Northwest.

This trip took years to plan, and was more eventful and inspiring then we ever could have imagined. Due to injury and illness, we did admittedly have to skip a few notable sections of the trail this season. Yet by the end, we completed over 2400 miles and gained a much greater respect for nature (as well as our sore feet).

During the course of the adventure, we logged hundreds of journals, took thousands of pictures and even captured a few short movies.

Now that the trip is at an end, I have taken some time to compile everything. You can find all of the logs at

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