Assessing Your HR Dept

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

Claudia Jarrett, Snow College

This was in the same room as the previous session, so I left my stuff in the room. By the time I got back from the bathroom, it had already strated. So, I snuck back in and sat with my stuff which was down from. Unfortunatly, the room was really empty with all the other attendants were way in the back. For the next 30minutes … Claudia looked directly at me as she spoke. At least the information was good, if not dull. She had performed a very detailed study of all the HR intranet in her state.

The strangest part came after the session. I was heading out when someone I recognized walked up to me. It took me a moment, but he knew the connecting right away. We had both hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in 2005. “Piper” is now also a web proffesional in Higher Ed. The last time we met was down in the small California town of Agua Dulce. Being dinnerish time, I headed out with him and a buch of others. It took until midnight to get back to my room.

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