Amber ring

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Samantha loves Amber.

She once even mentioned that when she gets married (hint, hint), her preference would be for a ring of amber rather then the traditional diamond. To her – amber is stylish, unique, and most importantly blood free. Maybe that is why I was so appalled to run across this conversation on a blog called “The Company Bitch”.

Boyfriend tried to start a drunken conversation with me about engagement rings over dinner last night:

“So I read your post, and I’ve been thinking about it,” he said. “I think an amber engagement ring would be really cool.”


“Yeah. With a prehistoric fossil thing in it.”

Pause. Realization dawned.
“You mean like a fly? You want to get me an engagement ring with a FLY in it?”

“A fossil.”

“Like the kind you can get at the Museum of Natural History?”

“Well, mine would be more expensive—”

Yes- I know this is the internet…

And I guess with a name like “The Company Bitch”, I should not be surprised. But, doesn’t this person know how shallow the posting sounds? Way to shoot down a guy who sounds both romantic and creative.

Some of the comments are even better:

Kate said…
LMAO! You CANNOT let that happen! He can’t be serious that he wants to get you a fossil ring! You must stop this!!! Not only would you have to look at the gawdawful thing for the rest of your life, but then you would be the one everyone else would be talking about… “Did you see CB’s ring??” (Followed by laughter)
Anonymous said…
You can say NO…
That’s the beauty of the guy asking. Just see the ring before you answer!
FinnyKnits said…
If he did this, it would totally upstage all of his other bad gifts. He would be the Ultimate Bad Gifter.
Willow3x3 said…
My boyfriend, too is throwing around the “ring” talk. At least he is smart enough to say, “we’ll go ring shopping at the end of the summer.” I told him he had to ask the question before he assumes we will ring shop. At least I know I get to reign in his strange taste.

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