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Thursday, March 6th, 2008


Today, apple released the beta SDK for building your own iphone apps.

During the announcement, there were some good points and some bad points.

The good:

  • iPhone Getting Multitouch Games Including Spore
  • Apple to Allow VoIP Over WiFi
  • AIM Client for iPhone
  • SDK access to camera and other items could make for some fun apps

The bad:

  • 2.0 Update won’t be released until June
  • All apps must be submitted to apple
  • $99 charge to submit apps (even if they are going to be free!)
  • Still no flash support

The funny:

It looks like all of the excitement bought down the servers:

Everyone must be trying to download the SDK at the same time. The main developer site goes up and down, while the download link just 404’s. I am sure that they will be back up soon.

How did they not see that one coming?

2007.03.09 Update

I just received the the following message:

Dear Registered iPhone Developer,
You may have recently experienced difficulty gaining access to, or downloading the iPhone SDK.

Please note: The file size of the iPhone SDK is 2.1 GB. Your network speed will effect the time it takes to complete your download.

2.1 GB! How did they ever expect the servers to handle a trillion* simultaneous downloads of that magnitude?
( *trillion is just an educated guess – not supported by any facts )

4 Responses to “iPhone SDK”

  1. rabid Says:

    “$99 charge to submit apps (even if they are going to be free!)”

    Incorrect. $99 is the cost of the sdk. Submission is free.

  2. gabrielm Says:


    Incorrect. $99 is the cost of the sdk. Submission is free.

    Not quite – You can download the SDK for free, or you could if the traffic hadn’t taken the servers down! The $99 directly corresponds to joining the developer program, which gives you the ability to run the app on the phone and have it distributed through the app store.

  3. fish Says:

    whats an sdk? I know what an STD is, but not a clue about what the hell you talking about!! No, I don’t have an STD gabe, just a few pbr’s.

  4. spam Says:

    fish, I love you! What he means is that now you will start to see a lot of new games and apps. for the iPhone.

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