Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

For over 15 years in Portland, I have stared up at Mt. Hood.

Each winter, it becomes covered in a fresh blanket of white snow. I have gone hiking, snow camping and even snowshoeing. But, until this year – the most traditional of snow sports (skiing) had eluded me.

This was my third time and what they say is true: “you get exponentially better each time.”

The details

Sam my parents and I, all managed to have the same Friday off. So we piled into a single vehicle and headed toward the Cooper Spur resort on the north-east side of the mountain.

This is a great little place for beginners. The runs are short, the lines are decent and the price is half of the other places on Mt. Hood. Unfortunatly, after the 1st of March – they are only open on weekends!

So we continued all the way around the mountain and eventually stopped at Ski Bowl. Rentals and lift tickets are twice the price, but there are far more runs.

Everyone did great (nothing broken) and the sun even came out for a bit.


3 Responses to “Skiing”

  1. Jim Muller Says:

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  2. fish Says:

    Winter camping? Let’s see, I’d rank it right up there with self dentistry, 12 hour Yani marithons, and Lima bean and liver night at the all you can eat buffet!!!! Unless you are homeless or have had some MAJOR head injuries why the hell would you do that. If you want to go winter camping in the Florida keys, come on down to “Americas Wang” and I’m in!!

  3. gabrielm Says:

    Some people like lima beans! I don’t, but some people do.

    As for camping my moto is:

    If it’s cold outside you can always find a way to get warm…
    (vs. if it’s hot/muggy/flordia outside…)

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