WebVisions: Total Recall – Complementing Information Architecture

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

SeanJamesJames Keller & Sean Cowne

A new approach to web design.

It all starts with a quiz:

Product demo – best UI?

  1. animaion + 100 words text
  2. animation + voice and 100 words (my guess)
  3. animation + voice

… but they won’t tell us until end…

Some Definitions

IA (information architecture) – is the art and science of organizing and labeling information to support findability and usability.

ID (instructional design) – is the art and science of knowledge transfer and retention.

Well are they alike???

Scholastic pursuits. Need to have a love of the philosophical. upon cognitive psychology. Constructivism, behaviorism and other big words are used :)

It all boils down to: A need to connect user with an end goal. Making sure a string of action happens easily.

Brings up “Don’t Make me think”.

Looks like only 2 people in the room haven;’t read the book. No comment on where I stand.

  • users scan, they don’t read
  • users don’t make optimal decisions – look for first reasonable options
  • users muddle through

Blink thinking

Thin slicing: make decisions based on a very small section of information.

<rant>Sean name drops too much for my taste: gladwell, krug, nielsen, klein, zeldman, big bird, count chocula, blah, blah, blah… OK, I get it… you’re well informed.</rant>

Gladwell is the father of viral marketing? OK, that’s cool.

James just used the word “automagically”, +1 for her.

Oh, and she hates talking on the internet, but…

Back to original question

Narration is good for retention.

  • Animation and Sound = Visual and Auditory
  • Animation and Sound and Text = Visual and Auditory and Visual (too much Visual)

“Minimize on screen text.”

<another rant>I want to write “or give it as alternative”, but Sean just disputed that. He then goes on to tell a story where he tried to convince a bank to not include close captioning in a video. WTF? If I was blind – I would be insulted, actually I am still insulted. If CC text is an option, but you think that it gets in the way of retention, then you design is flawed! Visually-abled users might retain better with only visual and audio, but why not give a text alternative for other users???</another rant>

The give an example: star wars trading card game site that they designed.

When to look at your sister discipline

ID people need to look at IA and visa-vera.

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