WebVisions: RSS – Bleeding Edge Tips and Tricks

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Marshall Kirkpatrick



  • Blog search: Ask.com – uses bloglines to filter out spam.
  • Sets up bookmarklet to blog search.
  • News Search: topix.net, yahoo news, as well as dilicio.us popular items
  • Web Results: live.com (search sucks, but does publish newly found pages)
  • Twitter: Summize.com

Big proponent to over subscribing to feeds. Argues that is better to prioritize then not subscribe out of fear of information overload.

It’s all about reading so far….

  • Filtering: aidrss.com (scores by comments, votes, links…)

This would be cool for the highed web – we could import the hot topics surrounding the “highedweb”…

Sites that don’t offer RSS:

  • Email: (based on lifehacker article) sends gmail with label directly to RSS.
  • Dapper: pull from static pages?
  • Also feedity, feed43, …
  • FeedInformer: Filter for dupes, filter common layouts = widget to paste in site. (php or java). RevenueRecognition.com is an example. 1.The owners get feeds in delicious, 2. They tag then and add short intros in delicious. 3. feed digest pulls them in as current news on the website.
  • Yahoo Pipes: Lets you set up lots of operator to add and filter feeds.
  • Feedburner: Lets you track and modify feeds that you hand out! You can update the source feed and the end user will never know.
  • ZapTXT: RSS to mobile alerts. Really helps you to instantly track any particular fields.

A great use case:

Local person monitoring major news agencies. When they have news related to local person/business zaptxt is used to send them an automatic message. Then they can inform local news about their angle…

At PCC, we could set up a system to system to immediately inform public affairs about any news related to the college or bond or…

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  1. Marshall Kirkpatrick Says:

    Hey thanks for coming and for posting notes – hope you find this stuff useful. Rock on at PCC – I love the place! My sweetie studies out there and I am taking a weekend ceramics class too. Glad there was someone from PCC in the Webvisions session!

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