APS9: Webcasting

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Joel Doepker | Director of Public Relations and Communications, Ozarks Technical Community College

A fellow community college presenter!

His background was in TV news, photography and editing.

Key Partnerships:

  • Administration (need buy in)
  • Media services (former professionals)
  • Web Services/IT

He shows a sample video that they made very recently when the governor came to visit. Very professionally produced. Events like that need to posted as quickly as possible. They posted it on their site, put it on facebook and sent a copy to the governor.

Each year they do a year in review. It contained many of the videos. They sent a copy out to the colleges constituents.

He conducts the interviews himself.

Real time for total production takes about 7 hour for 3 minutes. Longest time is editing, but transcripts also take a lot of time.

Media relations is also a big part of the job. Local TV stations love to get this kind of content. But, they need to trust the quality of the video. Make sure that you have those connections. Make it easy for then to link to you site and videos.

When doing student interviews, make sure you have some background (make sure that they are good students that you want to use as a representation).

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  1. Luis Says:

    I’m glad you went to Joel’s session. I was talking to him yesterday and saw him again just after the session. Good info from him regarding their experience as we both get more and more video going.

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