DragonSlayer Wheat Beer

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

DragonSlayer (super easy mini mash) recipe:

Slightly modified version of Greydragon’s recipe.


(for approximately 12 gallons)

  • 6 lbs – Wheat Malt (grain – we used 5.5lb white +1/2lb “special-b” for flavor)
  • 6 lbs – Amber Unhopped Malt Extract (liquid)
  • 6 lbs – Light Dry Malt Extract (dry)
  • 3 oz – Boiling hops (Hallertau)
  • 1 oz – Finishing hops (Willamette)
  • 2 tbs – Gypsum powder (for clarity)
  • 2 pkg – Yeast ( Wyeast 2206:Bavarian Lager and 1214:Belgain Ale – for separate carboys)

Steps to success

Get a big pot for mash. Add cracked grain and gypsum to about 7 quarts of water @ 160 degrees. Maintain for 1 hour @ 155 degrees. Strain out grains and rinse (sparge?) with 5quarts of water @ 170 degrees. Bring to a boil. Add all the extract (liquid and dry) and the boiling hops. Boil for 30 minutes. Add finishing hops during last 2 minutes of the boil.

Fill clean carboys with cold water. You need enough so that water + condensed malt = 12 gallons. After evaporation, we had about 3 gallons of malt – so each of our 5 gallon carboys got 3 gallons of cold water. Add hot malt mixture. When temps get reasonable add the yeast.

For yeast we experimented a bit. I used a traditional ale yeast, but Jamie insisted on a bavarian lager. The 3rd carboy received a mixture of the two… What will happen?

Some of those last pictures are from bottling a previous brew “Hop-Scotch Ale”. It was a long night.

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  1. gabrielm Says:

    Almost all the bottles are gone and I just wanted to take a moment to reflect. This ended up being a great wheat beer. The flavor was excellent. We did has some capping and carbonation problems, but the recipe is sound for anyone wanting to make a mini-mash wheat.

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