UAD 5 – Feedback

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Just received the audience feedback from my 2008 HighEdWeb presentation and wanted to share. I thank everyone who attended. Got to love that last comment :)

Evaluation Summary

Averages Conference Track Session
Evaluations 2611 551 74
Informed 6.33 +/- 0.90 6.60 +/- 0.66 6.78 +/- 0.53
Delivery 5.85 +/- 1.19 6.16 +/- 0.97 6.50 +/- 0.80
Visual 5.76 +/- 1.22 6.06 +/- 1.04 6.45 +/- 0.86
Relevant 5.64 +/- 1.38 5.90 +/- 1.22 6.08 +/- 1.17
Worth it 5.72 +/- 1.37 6.00 +/- 1.13 6.32 +/- 1.02


These are unedited

  • This will help me to at least talk intelligently to the people who will actually do this.

  • Great presentation!

  • Very nice accessible plaer, lot of thought went into the development.

  • Well received!

  • Gabriel’s talk was really cool. A great talk on accessile Flash video.

  • Would like to see this presentation again!

  • I will definitely be sharing this information with our IT “media” guy. We don’t have tons of video yet but we’re working on it and I’m very interested in the use of a generic interface so that we spend our time on the video production NOT the web delivery.

  • I’m in marketing, so definitely not technical. This was clearly geared more to technical people, but I would love to see a siilar workshop geared more to those as of us who are less technically savvy.

  • Best presentation so far. Gabriel is very knowledgable and very giving of information and techniques. Presentation was extremely helpful. I will be implementing information ASAP.

  • Very informative session and interesting! Going to look @ videos on my site again!

  • Excellent!!!

  • Awesome!

  • Show your web site first or earlier. That way I can look at it as we go. It was good that he mentioned what was on the site so I didn’t have to take extensive notes.

  • Nice that he provided example files!

  • Excellent presnetation plus great resources and code online gives me nearly a plug-n-play solution.

  • Me, I liked it. Flash all the way!

  • Excellent. Thanks Gabriel!

  • Wish had more time.

  • I think thi was too technical fr UAD track, but not too technical for me

  • Great Job!

  • Most excellent.

  • Good way to get started

  • Well done.

  • great job

  • Thanks for sharing all of your source files!

  • vey clear presentation friendly, communicative speaker

  • Good Work!

  • looks like I’ll just have to struggle with DragonSpeak….

  • Too technical for my particular job description but very helpful in understanding the landscape of accessible video. Our institution has a similarly diverse of distance/infrastructure challenged constituency. Great ideas on accessibility and editabiity! -re distance learning. thanks!!

  • Nicely done. Relevant.

  • Great job explaining and illustrating the steps to take and the options you have available to consider when publishing an accessible video.

  • a bit over my head, but a great presentation!

  • Very knowledgable, charismatic, and well documented presentation with easy to follow slides.

  • Great to have the presentation already available on his web site. good explanation of process and requirements.

  • Very informative Liked it!

  • Very God presentation

  • Best presentation yet. Perfect balance and pacing.

  • Nice nose ring!

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