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Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

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No internet at an eLearning conference???? Having to type this locally to upload later – that is so 2002. Seeing me rant/type about this a fellow attendee leans over to share a passcode. Thanks !

Before he can even start his computer BSOD’s. However, he humorously works through it.

  • Web2.0 everyone hates the term, but still uses it.
  • Linkedin – one of the most unsexy, most highly used services.
  • Wiki is not a new tech, everyone knows it. What is surprising is the huge curve that we have seen – great example from ibm.
  • Tag Clouds – ” for the first time in human history, normal people care about metadata” :)
  • Digital storytelling: Don’t tell people that you are going to teach them text, tell them that you are going to teach a new way to tell a story. Shows some great image mashups.
  • Feedbacks loops.
  • Forced to skip through a bunch of slides. Wait. That. Looked. Cool

Web 3.0?

  • Web 3D via Second Life or Google Earth. Sexy but unexciting (to me).
  • Semantic Web – intelligent meta data. Unsexy, but awesome! (at least to me).
  • Mobile web. (nuff said).


  • Easier to talk about porn or murder in academia.
  • Call it “simulation” to make people feel for people in education.
  • Average gamer is in their 30’s.
  • Laptops are now made for games – not just outlook.
  • There is a Kafka game (that is surreal and frustrating)?
  • Gaming takes/creates literacy of a type.
  • Simulation games are goog for comparison/criticizing actual events. Reminds me of this on BoingBoing where parents ask their child to honor the Geneva Conventions while playing Call of Duty.

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  1. Bryan Alexander Says:

    Thank you for the presentation blogging, Gabriel!

    Did you get to try ClearForest Gnosis yet, o semantic Web fan?

    Which slides did you find “Looked. Cool” – the ones about teaching with Web 2.0?

    Off to blog that Call of Duty story – thanks, and crediting away.

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