Cool Idea, but does incorperating 2.0…

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

00144679Gill Creel, Minneapolis CC

Shows an example of wehat he used to use for a course web page. Realized that textbook prices are going up, up, up and everything is online anyway.

  • no more static webpages
  • no more textbooks


  • Uses it to respond to papers!
  • “Talk faster then I can write. And since I have 40 papers to respond to…”
  • Can even make them small enough to email.

Blogger and RSS

  • Pulls blogger into LMS with google gadget.
  • Or, use an iframe.

mctc_2c_logoOff Topic:

Does anyone else think that the Minneapolis Community and Technical College logo looks like the Burning Man logo?

OK – maybe it is just me.

Now back to regularly scheduled program.

Social Bookmarking

  • Used digo, but does not seem to be able to recommend it. Looks like it has a lot of promised features, but they don’t always work.


  • To create trails across webpages.
  • Seems like a good idea, but would not load during presentation :(


  • Creative commons – best place for free photos.

Google Calendar

  • Use agenda tab!
  • can be embed in LMS.


  • Simple wiki – works well
  • Get them to use plain english!


  • Online meeting software – synchronous chat (voice!)
  • Seems to work well.
  • Chat can be recorded!
  • Oh wait, it costs three dollar signs ($$$)!

ZoHo Creator

  • Form creator

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  1. Gill Says:

    At MCTC we have an ongoing argument about whether the logo man is jumping in excitement or jumping off in despair :)

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