Bryan ♥♥ Soumintone

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Our good friends Bryan and Sou had a second wedding this weekend. The first one was a summer event on the Oregon coast. This one was held in Tacoma near Sou’s family and included many Laotian traditions.

Unfortunately, my camera didn’t do very well in the given lighting. Some of the photos are blurry and I may have gotten a bit sepia-happy near the end. Whoops! There is also a video bonus at the very end of this post.

On Tuesday, the happy couple boards a plane for a two-month honeymoon in southeast Asia. Let’s all bug them to keep us up to date on their blog: The Places In Between

Scott and the Egg

Where was he supposed to put it?

Full hands

See now, I would have screwed up and dropped something for sure.

Oh no! He spotted me

Not as invisible as I thought.

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  1. jamie Says:

    thankyou for posting the picks. looks like bryan did ok with his sitting posture.

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