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Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Christopher Schmitt @teleject
Web Design Specialist,, Inc.

Of course I had to check out the session that beat me :) Not surprising though – HTML5 is a hot topic.

XHTML is dead.

About 90 HTML elements. In XHML  is just a XML representation. We still have limited tags.

Microformats are great, but not a high adoption rate.

Chris just found a valid reason to include the chocolate rain video in the presentation.

Book recommendation: “How buildings learn”


  • Hey who shrunk your doctype???
  • No need for quotes in attributes.
  • Caps or camelcase – doesn’t matter.
  • No need for a trailing slash

It’s 1999 all over again. Seems lazy/sloppy to me. Now I am just going to have to look at more ugly code.

  • <section> clarifies <div>
  • <article> replaces <div id=”content”>
  • <aside> replaces <div id=”sidebar”>

Like always we have to trick IE to work right (html-shiv) “createElement” and “display:block”.

Progressively Enhanced HTML5

(infused with shim) Well modernizr really – which includes it an more

  • <audio> – makes it very easy to make background music (booooo!) Problem is, not all browsers support one file format. So… we can just use multiple “source ” attributes. It will go on till it finds the one it can play.
  • <video> – can add poster frame manually. JavaScript for custom controls – woot! Captioning is quite a lot easier to work with. JCaps (jQuery plugin)
  • Geolocation – built in: navigator.geolocation. HTML5-Geolocation-jquery-plugin can simplify things.

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