Powered by Orange: Lessons from Launching a Digitally Driven Campaign

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

David Baker
Director of Web Communications, Oregon State University

Had to go see the presentation from my neighbors at Oregon State.

Started with a single statement that they wanted to convey (look at the slides for exact verbiage)

Audiences didn’t know about all the cool stuff we were doing, but they were ready to believe (if it sounded authentic). The glossy high cost TV spots weren’t cutting it – and there wasn’t money for it.

Powered site

  • map
  • blog (storytelling)
  • official messages
  • downloads (show your colors in the workplace)
  • Social networks (current and new)
Followed with commercials, billboards, and a max train. Plus, bumper stickers, shirts and other shwag. PCC needs better Shwag…
Gathered 100 student videos.


  • Necessity to give up control
  • Just start already
  • Start (relatively) quietly  – can do some trial and error
  • People really like free t-shirts
  • If you build it, they might not come.
  • Be mocked and like it! (furloughed by orange)
  • Think in phases

Original website didn’t model our brand well and had to be redesigned.

Ning site for people involved in any way – most signed up to get free/quality photos, but then we could push messages to them about the campaign.

Social needs to be connected to physical events.

Little things mean a lot. It’s not all about ROI. Your creating a community and giving to it – not trying to take from it.

They may not send in videos, but even if your holding the camera, you are still creating ambassadors. (sudo User Generated Content)

Best headline: OSU  Zombies – Powered by Brains!

Users are driving the message.

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