America’s Next Top Model: The Changing Face of U.S. Journalism

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Presented by Al Stavitsky, senior associate dean and Portland director, School of Journalism and Communications, University of Oregon.

Lunch and Keynote Speaker


All ad revenue for news sites (even online) is going down.

Organizations are shedding staff and cutting costs.

Partnership models are changing:

  • Historical competitors
  • Educational institutions
  • Nonprofits and News Exchanges
  • Citizens and Activists
  • Government

Implications for media leaders:

  • Still need to manage legacy brand
  • Do what you do best and link to the rest
  • PAC model – Produce, Aggregate, Curate

Implications for scholars

  • Mind the gap:
  • Impact on local journalism
  • Shifting ethical standards
  • What becomes of PSB (public broadcasting) with increased commercial and citizen involvement.

Implications for Educators

  • How do we teach “citizen journalists”
  • Teaching to aggregate and curate
  • How do we help professionals adapt?

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