What Are Your Visual Communications Saying About You?

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Propeller Communications President Sue Kirtland will help us understand the importance of accurately depicting our college to maximize return on all media investments-traditional and non-traditional. Through the use of actual case studies, take a look at the five elements of successful visual messaging, a more powerful approach to brand positioning that will automatically trigger desired stakeholder perceptions for your college


Images are important. View-book users will flip through images.

70% of time spend on images? I thing Jakob Nielsen might disagree. I guess those are for non-critical images on the web. So, perhaps different.

Ask stakeholders:

  • What adjectives would you use to describe the college?
  • What are the functional (tangible) benefits you personally received from attending the college?
  • What are the emotional (how did it make you feel) benefits you personally experienced from attending the College?

Catalog covers need to tell the whole story. Needs to present an image of the college that the college can deliver. Be true to who the college is.

Need to differentiate your institution:

  • Who do you thin the competitors are? What are the personalities of the competitors.

Marketers who haven’t attend the college they work for tend to revert to their college experience.

Secret shop your college

  • Pretend to be prospective student or parent
  • Call – do you get a phone tree? a human?
  • Request information – how long does it take to get stuff in the mail
  • What is it?
  • What is the packaging like?
  • Did your request make it into the database?


  • one serif
  • one sanserif
  • + one for pull-quotes


  • Bad photography kills any design.
  • Schedule a photo shoot every fall & spring.
  • Need to demonstrate the academics at the school.

If you can’t afford a big photographer, get a wedding photographer. Used to beautiful people shots in a short amount of time.

Effective design is timeless.

Great presentation!

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