Taming Google Mini

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Kevin Zink
Senior Consultant, mStoner

Not sure if I will learn anything new in this session, but it has been a while since I thought about our mini.

Page Layout Helper

If I remember correctly, it sucks – though that doesn’t really matter since no one in this room seems to be using it. Kevin is going to just skim through this part.

XSLT Stylesheet

This is what we have done.

“do not edit below this line” – I remember seeing that in the XSLT and ignoring it.

No love for iFrames in here. And with good reason. You can’t bookmark an iFrame. You can use a hash on the parent page, but why? That would be a pain in the butt (my opinion).

HTTP Request

A query string read by JavaScript and uses an XML request to grab the naked results.

XML Binding

Gets XML before it is bound to the XSLT


It caches for 15 minutes – this I did not know.

proxyreload=1  in the URL will take care of this.

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