TPR 3 – Feedback

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Just received the audience feedback from my 2010 HighEdWeb presentation and wanted to share. Thanks again to everyone who attended!

Evaluation Summary

Looks like I scored above average for both my track and the overall conference – nice! In fact, the numbers give me an average score of 6.52. This is higher then the 6.44 I scored in 2008, when I won the “best in track award”. Just goes to show how much stiffer the competition was this year. 

Averages Conference Track Session
Evaluations 3356 671 62
Informed 6.39 +/- 0.85 6.50 +/- 0.79 6.89 +/- 0.37
Delivery 5.92 +/- 1.22 5.90 +/- 1.17 6.53 +/- 0.84
Visual 5.83 +/- 1.28 5.73 +/- 1.32 6.32 +/- 0.97
Relevant 5.73 +/- 1.32 5.72 +/- 1.36 6.35 +/- 1.09
Worth it 5.80 +/- 1.37 5.81 +/- 1.38 6.50 +/- 0.90


These are all unedited:

  • Excellent speaker. Great topic that is very timely and useful. It was not overly technical and very user friendly. This should receive a red stapler. I will be borrowing many of the items from this presentation.
  • Good presentation! Has good experience with leveraging the technologies.
  • I was hoping on going over API building.
  • Absolutely awesome. Very applicable. Thank you!
  • Gabriel was very knowledgeable and had great examples.
  • good explanation and examples came away with good ideas.
  • The music was distracting and made it harder to hear Gabriel. Good intro level info.
  • nice job
  • Great examples, good delivery. Great job!
  • I hope I make the time to explore these.
  • Awesome balance, great examples!
  • Very helpful presentation & I look forward to trying some of these on my own.
  • Lots of great ideas and stuff I can start using now.
  • Thanks to @nagmay. Cool examples and great explanations.
  • It was just a little fast. I wish he had really dove into just one API, but I could see the value in covering
  • Great content and presenter! Hope I can convince the powers that be to let me play with these APIs.
  • very nice
  • He was friendly and engaging
  • great presenter! well spoken, well rehearsed. very informed and informative.
  • Great! This has a good good good one!
  • Excellent preso – will be very useful back on campus. Well done, great examples with immediate impact on my work.
  • Thank you for having all this stuff online & telling us where right away. Fantastic info. I’m inspired. :)
  • I’d rate this presentation higher if I could.
  • Would like to have more info. on how to incorporate in your site, but I admit I’m in the novice category on
    this topic.
  • Excellent content. Very usable and applicable. Instant gratification kind of stuff.
  • Makes me very excited again to look at APIs once more.
  • thank you!
  • OK but seemed to lack a clear focus. Too many jargon slides-need to really get quickly to the meat since there is only 45 min. Suggest publishing presentation for people to consume more of the details.

While I appreciate all the comments, that last one has me a bit confused… The very first thing I did (and always do with presentations) is to point the audience to the online resources. The presentation, links and all the code is, in fact, online.

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